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The StandUp Nomad - Extra Wide is a wooden height adjustable desk ideal for creative offices, startups or at home. The desk is locally manufactured using all sustainably sourced materials.



    StandUp Nomad EXTRA WIDE
    • Desktop size: 55 x 80 cm
    • Perfect for working with more than just a laptop 

    Product specifications

    • Manually height adjustable
    • Ergonomic footrest
    • Height range: From 93 to 122 cm 
    • Nine different height settings
    • Easy to move around
    • Designed in Belgium - Made in Australia
    • FSC-certified plywood
    • Finished in an Eco Friendly water based polyurethane clear coat
    • Storage space 
    • NBN EN 12521 standardized (Furniture strength, Durability & Safety)

    More questions?

    Check out this very interesting PDF, Technical_information_Nomad_English, that gives you some more technical details.